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About the TR4Y Resources

TR4Y Resources

Resources entered into the TR4Y Repository are high quality transition resources that come from national technical assistance centers, state departments of education, universities, federal government websites, advocacy and parent groups, and other groups or agencies associated with transition or disability.

Searching TR4Y Resources

The resources repository contains many resources that are identified and coded by their relationship to the Predictor Rubric and the Transition Requirements and Enhanced Practices Rubric. The sort criteria allow users to quickly and efficiently locate, view, save, and print the transition resources of interest. There are several ways to search resources:

  • If a resource has a specific focus for a particular group or topic, it is coded for the particular user or topic so it can be quickly located. For example, if a user wanted to see what resources are available related to "employment" for youth with "autism", the user could go to the "Resources" navigational link on the home page and enter "employment" in the search field, and then select "autism" from the "Narrow Your Search" drop-down menu. The resources are quickly sorted and display only those resources that are specifically related to employment and autism. Once located, resources can be saved in the "Resources" section of your "My Toolbox".
  • Resources related to the Predictor Rubric and Enhanced Practices Rubric are easily located. While completing the Predictor Assessments or developing your improvement plan, you can link directly to related resources by clicking

Featured Resources

The resources available and discovered are extensive and are constantly being added to the TR4Y repository. Every 4 - 6 weeks, a new website, a new webcast or video, a new journal article, and a new resource are highlighted on the TR4Y home page.