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Getting TR4Y Users Started

Types of TR4Y Users
Anyone can use the resources on the TR4Y website. You can search the repository, read articles, and locate transition resources. Using TR4Y will assist users in enhancing the transition planning process for improved post school outcomes of youth with disabilities.

To use the TR4Y tools and save resources, you must first create a TR4Y account. Go to the registration/log-in area(upper right side of the website home page). Select the role that most closely resemble how you will use the TR4Y website, receive a password, then access and use tools and resources based on the type of user account you have established.

Public Side – No TR4Y Account Needed

Browse and use any of these resources
Anyone visiting can use the following website features without having to create an account. Please feel free to browse and use any of the resources available on the public side with no need to create a user account.

  • Resources - search, "view", and print any of the resources on
  • Suggest a resource
  • View Featured Resources - selected website, journal article, resource and event
  • Search the Most Popular Searches by topic that are the most frequently searched on tr4y

Individual Educators

  • Teachers, Transition Coordinators, Paraprofessionals.
    • Any educator can create a tr4y account. Educators can create their personal "My Toolbox". With a tr4y account, individual educators can save the resources they have located in "My Favorite Resources", and can complete the tools accessible to teachers. The individual educator is the only one able to view and access the tools completed in their "My Tools".
    • This is a personal account and only the person who registers for the account can view saved tools and resources.
    • Individual educator can also be included on a school or district team.

School or District Teams

  • Directors of Special Education/Pupil Services and their named Designees
    • Districts may wish to set-up school or district teams to review Indicator 14 outcomes data, complete the Predictor Rubric, or complete the Transition Requirements and Enhanced Practices Rubric.
    • Teams are determined by the district Director of Special Education/Pupil Services (DSE). Teams are established so the Rubrics can be completed as a team and the Resources saved to "My Toolbox Resources" can be added to by team members.
    • The DSE can establish district teams by "inviting" a Designee or individual educators to join the school or district team. Teams can be established at the district level, school level, building level, or another type of team by "inviting" members of that team to join, e.g. all of the Middle School special education teachers; all of the teachers who work with youth with Cognitive Disabilities; a Charter School team. There is no limit on the number or type of teams a district can develop.
    • Once a team has been named, individual team members who are educators (mainly teachers or transition coordinators) can develop their own teams by inviting members. Members can include outside agency personnel, parents, and other educators. All team members can view all team created tools and resources.